Organize Django Girls workshop

Django Girls events are organized by groups of wonderful volunteers in cities all over the world. Events are always non-profit and free for participants. We do not pay coaches, speakers or organizers. Attendees don’t need any previous knowledge about programming and there are no age limitations. All attendees need is a laptop and some curiosity!

Since July 2014, 2149 volunteers organized 928 Django Girls workshops. Join them and bring Django Girls to your city!

The Value of Organizing Django Girls

  • Join a crowd of over 500 passionate, kind and helpful organizers all over the world
  • Make a real impact to advance the diversity in the tech industry
  • Play a huge role in fostering tech community in your local area
Agata Grdal, organizer of Django Girls Wrocław
Django Girls helped me gain more self-confidence and gave me a boost to keep learning. I’ve created my own blog and then prepared workshops and taught other women to code. Nothing is impossible with this bunch of positive people!
— Agata Grdal, organizer of Django Girls Wrocław

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