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Our mission:

Django Girls is a volunteer-run registered charity. We use your generous donations to teach thousands of women to build websites using Python and Django by providing resources and tools volunteer organizers all over the world.

Since July 2014, our workshops have reached women in countries and our online tutorial has been read by more than 3,958,285 people.

Our focus and mission for this year is in improving diversity and inclusion in Django Girls, ensuring our workshops are accessible to all, specifically including those from marginalised groups.

We're transparent about our finances. See our Annual Report for 2016-2017 to see how we spend donations and what impact they made.

A woman looking at her laptop during Django Girls Lagos 2016.

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Monthly donations

If you would like to setup a recurring donation, we encourage you to do so via our Patreon page. Our pledges start at 5 USD per month.

Are you a company interested in sponsoring us? Our corporate sponsorships start at 100 USD per month. Contact us! 📨

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You can send us a one-time donation via PayPal to [email protected]

If you would like to discuss a bigger partnership or a corporate sponsorship, please get in touch.

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If you like video games, you can choose Django Girls as your designated charity in the Humble Bundle Store! 🎮

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Our current projects that will benefit from your help

Django Girls Awesomeness Ambassador:

In September 2015, the Foundation hired a part-time contractor to help with the daily operations of the organization. After year and a half, Django Girls’ 1st Awesomeness Ambassador Lucie Daeye resigned to start her new adventure as Systems Engineer at Mapbox.

In June 2017, Claire Wicher joined us as our Awesomeness Ambassador to take over from where Lucie left. Claire Wicher as our Awesomeness Ambassador, is in charge of responding to organizer's requests, handling our mail, improving our processes, doing administrative tasks, updating the blog and newsletter, and maintaining the website and resources.

Your donations will help us make her position secure.

Django Girls Fundraising Coordinator:

In June 2017, we introduced the role of Fundraising Coordinator to help with coordinating the fundraising activities of the organization. Anna Makarudze as our Fundraising Coordinator engages sponsors and the community to get funding to ensure the organization remains sustainable.

In August 2020, we also asked her to help us by providing technical support for our website, and help maintain and keep our website up-to-date.

Your donations will help us make her position secure.

Django Girls Summit:

Django Girls Summit is a two days unconference where organizers will meet and share their experiences about Django Girls workshops.

Your donations will help us organize this event and give financial assistance to conference's attendees who need it.