Apply for Sponsorship from our Global Partners

Some of our global partners also fund Django Girls workshops. However, they prefer that Django Girls Foundation handle the sponsorship application process and they only handle sending the money to the workshop organizers. Django Girls has done this in the past with GitHub sponsorships though that is no longer available.

Starting November 2023, Django Girls will be handling sponsorship applications for workshops. The organisations Django Girls are handling the sponsorship process are listed below with the terms and conditions of the sponsorship.

Django Software Foundation

Starting November 2023, sponsorship applications to the DSF will be handled by Django Girls Foundation. The terms and conditions of this sponsorship as laid out by the DSF are as follows:

  • The DSF has set aside a limited budget for Django Girls workshops sponsorship spread out through the year. For this reason, they will only sponsorship only one event per city per year (within 12 months).
  • The typical DSF sponsorship will be $300 per event, or $500 when the assumption is that the group has large needs and difficulty fundraising or events outside of the US or Western Europe.
  • The DSF funds events, not long term boot camps therefore this application form should only be used for Django Girls workshop applications only.
  • The DSF's support has to be publicly recognised and acknowledged.
  • The DSF has to receive a report of the event via their email [email protected] which should be copied to [email protected].

In your application, please share your budget and if your budget requirements are more than the funding the DSF can provide, also share your other funding sources and how you wish to offset the deficit. Funding from the DSF will only be approved once we are sure that the event will indeed take place because your event has adequate funding. The DSF will only fund events whose costs are appropriate, realistic and have a solid plan for the remaining funds.

To apply for DSF funding, please fill in this form."