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Django Girls Minna

Are you a girl who Would like to learn how to build websites, but don’t know where or how to start?
Start here, at Django girls Minna.

We are hosting a free one-day workshop to teach 30 girls how to build websites from scratch. This workshop is aimed at total beginners. You don't need to know anything about programming to participate. you just need to bring your own laptop and some curiosity :)

The workshop will take place on 10th, September, 2016 with a pre-installation party on the 9th of September from 2:00pm at New Horizons College in MINNA. No. 1 Ilimi Avenue, Off Old Airport Road Minna, Niger State, Nigeria

We believe the IT industry will greatly benefit from bringing more women into technology. We want to give you an opportunity to learn how to program and become one of the growing population of Nigerian Female programmers!

Workshops are free of charge and if you cannot afford coming to MINNA but are very motivated to learn and then share your knowledge with others, we may have some funds to help you out with your travel costs and accommodation. Don't wait too long: you can apply for the workshop only until 31st August, 2016!


Meet us at the Centre for Open Distance and e-Learning (CODeL), Federal University of Technology, Minna.

Friday 9th September - Install party

  • 14:00 -> Install party starts
  • 17:00 -> Install party ends

Saturday 10th September - Workshop day

  • 8:30 -> Workshop registration and Breakfast
  • 9:00 -> Introduction to the workshop / Workshop starts
  • 12:30 -> Lunch
  • 13:30 -> Continue with workshop
  • 15:50 -> Refreshments - Coffee, tea and cakes
  • 16:00 -> Workshop Continues
  • 17:00 -> Wrap-up, Thanks and Lightning Talks!

Applications are Now Closed!

Application process has closed. You would receive a mail on the status of your application September 1st soonest!

Do I need to know anything about websites or programming?

No! Workshops are for beginners. You don’t need to know anything about it. However, if you have a little bit of technical knowledge (i.e. you know what HTML or CSS are) you still can apply!

I am not living in Minna, can I attend?

Of course! Workshops will be in English, so if you have no troubles with speaking and understanding English - you should apply. If you need financial aid to get to Minna or you need assistance with accomodation in Minna - let us know. We are willing to help you!

Should I bring my own laptop?

Yes. We have no hardware, so we expect you to bring your computer with you. It is also important for us that you will take home everything you’ll write and create during workshops.

Do I need to have something installed on my laptop?

It would be helpful to have Django installed before workshops, but wouldn't expect you to install anything on your own.We will make sure that one of our coaches will help you out with this task.

Why is it important to attend the Pre-install Party?

You'll have a chance not only to get all the required software ready for the workshop but also meet your coach and your group members. It will make you feel relaxed and prepared for your adventure with programming!

Is food provided?

Yes. Thanks to our sponsors, snacks and lunch will be served during workshops.

Be a Mentor!

Applications Are now closed

We will contact you :)

Django Girls

Django Girls Minna is a part of bigger initiative: Django Girls. It is a non-profit organization and events are organized by volunteers in different places of the world.

To see the source for the program find us on Github:

If you want to bring Django Girls to your city, drop us a line

Meet The Organizers


We couldn't be here without the support from amazing people and organizations who donated money, knowledge and time to help us make this a reality. If you want to contribute and support our goal, please get it touch


Meet our awesome coaches

Emmanuel Onoja

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Onah John Oche

Simi Olusola

Somadina Muojeke

Tolu Alabi

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