We inspire women to fall in love with programming.

Django Girls organize free Python and Django workshops, create open sourced online tutorials and curate amazing first experiences with technology.


Django Girls is a non-profit organization that empowers and helps women to organize free, one-day programming workshops by providing tools, resources and support. It was born in July 2014 in Berlin and started by two Olas: Sitarska and Sendecka. Today, Django Girls is a volunteer run organization with hundreds of people contributing to bring more women to Python & Django community.


Our goal is to bring more amazing women into the world of technology and increase the diversity in the Django community. We believe that technology is for people and everyone should be able to build it. We are making technology more approachable by creating simple tools and resources designed with empathy.


Each Django Girls event is a free, one-day workshop for 30-60 people about building your first application using HTML, CSS, Python and Django. A typical workshop takes 8 hours and people work in small, 3-person groups with a coach dedicated to each group.


During the workshop, attendees follow a tutorial written especially for this purpose. The tutorial is also open sourced and available for free. It covers creating your blog application from scratch, including deployment to Python Anywhere.

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Django Girls is a non-profit organization and we're crowdfunding money to help us pay for Awesomeness Ambassador, a part-time position that makes it possible to run daily operations of Django Girls: providing support to local organizers, maintaining our freeily available resources or managing volunteers.

To date we organized 111 free workshops attended by 3353 women in 55 countries on all continents. We're currently organizing 36 more workshops in the next couple of weeks.

Django Girls is a volunteer run organization, and we depend on your support to make it happen.

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Portland, 6th February 2016 Moscow, 6th February 2016 Kochi, 1st February 2016 Windhoek, 25th January 2016 Piura, 23rd January 2016 Oslo, 16th January 2016 Lima, 9th January 2016 Shenzhen, 26th December 2015 Khmelnytskyi, 19th December 2015 Guangzhou, 19th December 2015 Rome, 12th December 2015 Istanbul, 12th December 2015 Austin, 12th December 2015 Barcelona, 12th December 2015 Honolulu, HI, 12th December 2015 Taipei, 12th December 2015 Warsaw, 6th December 2015 Inland Empire, CA, 4th December 2015 Cologne, 28th November 2015 Bordeaux, 28th November 2015 Hobart, 22nd November 2015 Budapest, 21st November 2015 Doha, 21st November 2015 Dnipropetrovsk, 21st November 2015 Kampala, 21st November 2015 Valencia, 20th November 2015 Maring谩, 14th November 2015 Curitiba, 14th November 2015 Brno, 13th November 2015 Mendoza, 12th November 2015 S茫o Jos茅 dos Campos, 8th November 2015 Detroit, 7th November 2015 Hermosillo, 7th November 2015 Tunis, 31st October 2015 Mbale, 31st October 2015 Novi Sad, 24th October 2015 Mumbai, 18th October 2015 Ljubljana, 17th October 2015 Kharkiv, 11th October 2015 Pittsburgh, 10th October 2015 Denver, CO, 3rd October 2015 Puno, 3rd October 2015 Seoul, 3rd October 2015 Durham, NC, 3rd October 2015 Atlanta, GA, 26th September 2015 Berlin, 26th September 2015 Pokhara, 25th September 2015 Groningen, 19th September 2015 Perth, 19th September 2015 Coventry, 18th September 2015 Pune, 12th September 2015 Austin, TX, 10th September 2015 Santa Cruz, 29th August 2015 Krak贸w, 23rd August 2015 Cochabamba, 22nd August 2015 Washington, DC, 15th August 2015 Seattle, 8th August 2015 Brisbane, 3rd August 2015 Tokyo, 26th July 2015 Bilbao, 20th July 2015 Portland, 18th July 2015 Tunis, 12th July 2015 Wroc艂aw, 11th July 2015 Sydney, 11th July 2015 Munich, 4th July 2015 Belgaum, July 2015 Tunis, 28th June 2015 Niter贸i, Rio de Janeiro, 20th June 2015 Chicago, 20th June 2015 Amsterdam, 6th June 2015 Cardiff, 31st May 2015 Taipei, 30th May 2015 Warsaw, 24th May 2015 Ensenada, 23rd May 2015 Prague, 16th May 2015 Budapest, 16th May 2015 Kyiv, 16th May 2015 Manila, 16th May 2015 Athens, 9th May 2015 Largo, Maryland, 25th April 2015 Bucharest, 24th April 2015 Montr茅al, 9th April 2015 Athens, 4th April 2015 Paris, 4th April 2015 Mbarara, 4th April 2015 New York, 28th March 2015 London, 21st March 2015 Lisbon, 21st March 2015 Groningen, 21st March 2015 Perth, 7th March 2015 Tijuana, 7th March 2015 San Francisco, 7th February 2015 Brno, 5th February 2015 Berlin, 25th January 2015 Kharkiv, 24th January 2015 Wroc艂aw, 10th January 2015 艁贸d藕, 6th December 2014 Budapest, 6th December 2014 Edinburgh, 29th November 2014 Kampala, 22nd November 2014 Amsterdam, 16th November 2014 Krak贸w, 11th November 2014 Warsaw, 8th November 2014 Mbale, 8th November 2014 Lviv, 1st November 2014 Groningen, 22nd October 2014 Ljubljana, 18th October 2014 Nairobi, 2nd October 2014 Taipei, 27th September 2014 Brisbane, 5th August 2014 Berlin, 21st July 2014

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