We inspire women to fall in love with programming.

Django Girls organize free Python and Django workshops, create open sourced online tutorials and curate amazing first experiences with technology.

What is Django Girls?

Django Girls is a non-profit organization and a community that empowers and helps women to organize free, one-day programming workshops by providing tools, resources and support. We are a volunteer run organization with hundreds of people contributing to bring more amazing women into the world of technology. We are making technology more approachable by creating resources designed with empathy.

During each of our events, 30-60 women build their first web application using HTML, CSS, Python and Django.

We reached our goal!

Thanks to our awesome supporters!

This year (2018) we ran a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo's generosity website from the 29th January to the 29th of March with the aim of raising US $10,000. We are truly grateful to all our awesome supporters who helped reach our target goal. We managed to raise a total of $13,314 - 133% of our goal!

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Django Girls impact

Since 2014, an army of 1730 volunteers in the Django Girls community organized 756 events. We've been to 463 cities in 93 countries (see them all on a map).

A total of 17700 incredible women attended events organized by members of our community.

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We open sourced the Organizer Manual that provides you with all information required to organize Django Girls workshop. By volunteering to organize, you're joining a vibrant and supportive community of 1730 organizers all over the world!

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Badass Django Ladies

Each week we try to introduce one badass lady who uses Python or Django and highlight her work:

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Django Girls is a volunteer run organization, and we depend on your support to make it happen.

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We now have three awesome designs for fitted and straight-cut t-shirts: "This is What a Programmer Looks Like", "Code like a Girl" and Django Girls logo.

All proceeds will go to two new projects:

  • Django Girls Summit: a two day unconference where organizers could meet and share their experiences about Django Girls workshops.
  • Django Girls Organizer Starter Kit: a swag boxes for organizers full of stickers, buttons and tattoos!

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Those incredible companies made a pledge to diversity and are actively helping us to change the ratio in the tech industry.
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