Free programming workshop for women around Kampala

Django Girls Kampala

If you are female and you want to learn how to make websites, we have good news for you! We are holding a one-day workshop for beginners!

It will take place on 21st of November in Kampala, Uganda at the ResilientAfrica Network Lab. We would like to give you an opportunity to learn how to program and become one of us - female programmers!

The workshop is free of charge and if you are interested in being part of this training, you can apply for a pass now!!

Apply for a pass!

If you are a woman and you have a laptop - you can apply for a pass! You don’t need to know any technical stuff - The workshop is for people who are new to programming.

As a workshop attendee you will:

  • Attend a one-day Django workshop during which you will create your first website
  • Get a chance to meet other ladies in the tech world
  • Interact with the organizers and some of the sponsors
  • Be fed by us - during workshop, food is provided

Become a participant!

Application process closes on 19th November and you'll be informed about acceptance or rejection as soon as posible


Become a coach!

Inspire more ladies to learn python and django by becoming one of the coaches for Django Girls Kampala.


Do I need to know anything about websites or programming?

No! This workshop is for beginners. You don’t need to know anything about it. However, if you have a little bit of technical knowledge (i.e. you know what HTML or CSS are) you still can apply!

Should I bring my own laptop?

Yes. We have no hardware, so we expect you to bring your computer with you. It is also important for us that you will take home everything you’ll write and create during the workshop.

Do I need to have something installed on my laptop?

It would be helpful to have Django installed before the workshop, but we wouldn't expect you to install anything on your own. We will have an installation party the evening before the workshop.

Is food provided?

Yes. Snacks and lunch will be served during workshop.

Django Girls

Django Girls Kampala is a part of the bigger initiative: Django Girls. It is a non-profit organization and events are organized by volunteers in different places of the world.

If you want to bring Django Girls to your city, send an email to: [email protected].


Angella Nabasirye

Emily Karungi

Eva Muhanguzi

Evelyn Namwoyo

Flavia Nshemereirwe

Jamie Mayombwe

Julian Ayebare

Keziah Naggita

Lynette Wabwire

Mary Musimire

Patricia Namara

Ritah Namono

Victor Miclovich

Zelly Miriam


  • 08:30 - 09:00 am   Registration & check in
  • 09:00 - 09:10 am    Welcome Address
  • 09:10 - 09:30 am    Keynote
  • 09:30 - 10:45 am    Training
  • 10:45 - 11:00 am    Break
  • 11:00 - 13:00 pm    Training
  • 13:00 - 14:00 pm    Lunch Break
  • 14:00 - 16:45 pm    Training
  • 16:45 - 17:00 pm    Break
  • 17:00 - 17:30 pm   wrap up and announcements
  • 17:30 - 18:00 pm   wrap up and announcements
  • Sponsors

    These are the sponsors for Django Girls Kampala. If you would like to contribute and support our goal, please get in touch: [email protected]

    They already support The Django Girls Foundation ✨✨

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