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Build your first website at Django Girls Cagayan de Oro Workshop!

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Django Girls

If you are a woman and want to learn how to make websites, we have good news for you: we are holding a one-day workshop for beginners!

It will take place on 9th, March, 2024 at DICT 10 ICT Training Center, Chavez St., Cagayan de Oro City.

We believe the IT industry will greatly benefit from bringing more women into technology. We want to give you an opportunity to learn how to program and become one of us – women programmers!

Workshops are free of charge don't wait too long: you can apply for the workshop only until February 29, 2023!

Apply for the workshop!

If you are a woman, know English and have a laptop, you can apply for our event! You don't need to know any technical stuff – our workshop is for people new to programming.

As a workshop attendee, you will:

  • attend a one-day Django workshop during which you will create your first website
  • be fed by us: during our event, food is provided

We have space only for 30 people, so make sure to fill out the form very carefully!

Accepting Applications Now!

Registration is open until March 01, 2024. We will send you a confirmation of acceptance or rejection by February 16th (or sooner)!


Do I need to know anything about websites or programming?

No! Workshops are for beginners. You don’t need to know anything about it. However, if you have a little bit of technical knowledge (i.e., know what HTML or CSS are), you can still apply!

I am not living in Cagayan de Oro; can I attend?

Of course! Workshops will be in English or in Cebuano, so if you have no trouble speaking and understanding English or Cebuano - you should apply.

Should I bring my own laptop?

Yes. We have no hardware, so we expect you to bring your computer with you. It is also important for us that you will take home everything you’ll write and create during workshops.

Do I need to have something installed on my laptop?

It would be helpful to have Django installed before workshops, but we wouldn't expect you to install anything on your own. However, we will ensure that one of our coaches will help you with this task.

Is Django Girls Cagayan de Oro Workshop good for a total beginner?

Even though you are new to programming, the conference is an excellent place to meet many interesting people in the industry and find inspiration.

Is food provided?

Yes. Thanks to our sponsors, snacks, and lunch will be served during workshops.

Be a Mentor!

We would be delighted if you would like to join us as a mentor! Contact us if you're interested ❤️

Django Girls

This workshop is a part of bigger initiative: Django Girls. It is a non-profit organization and events are organized by volunteers in different places of the world.

To see the source for the program find us on Github:

If you want to bring Django Girls to your city, drop us a line


We couldn't be here without the support from amazing people and organizations who donated money, knowledge and time to help us make this a reality. If you want to contribute and support our goal, please get it touch.

COVID Policy

Policy Overview

  • Mandatory Masks are Required Indoors
  • Vaccine Requirement
  • Testing Encouraged
  • Onsite Health + Safety Measures


Mandatory Masks are Required Indoors

Masks must be worn over the nose and mouth and must be made of a tight-knit, non-permeable material. KN95 or N95 masks are recommended. Cloth masks are acceptable. Bandanas, scarves, and gators cannot be used as masks.

Masks do not need to be worn when in outdoor spaces and while actively eating food and beverage indoors.


Vaccine Requirement

All attendees must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination upon first entry to the event. Attendee name cards will be used as proof of vaccination throughout the workshop.


Testing Encouraged

We strongly encourage attendees to test themselves for COVID before and during the workshop. Self-test kits are available for sale in most convenience stores and pharmacies in Cagayan de Oro.

NOTE: Please perform your test at your home or other private space, and do not bring your completed test to the venue.


Onsite Health + Safety Measures

Please expect the following measures to be in place at the event.

  • Mask mandate.
  • Proof of vaccination.
  • Event signage indicating required health and safety protocols.
  • As this will be a table discussion with the coaches and participants, we will require the face mask to be worn at all times.
  • Rigorous onsite cleaning and sanitizing of all touchpoints, including cleaning each table between groups.
  • Proper health and safety protocols for those handling food & beverage.
  • Sanitized microphones between each use.
  • Plentiful sanitation stations onsite.

At a minimum, we will follow all mandated venue and municipality guidelines. This list, and all protocols, are subject to change as the fluid COVID-19 situation changes.



This COVID policy is primarily based on the policy from Pycon PH 2023 - thank you for allowing us to modify & re-use your content.

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