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Django Girls

If you are a woman, and you are curious about learning to code, then we have good news for you! We are holding the two-days workshop for beginners! The workshop is free of charge, and women of all ages (16+) are encouraged to apply. Participants will learn about programming, web development, Python, and Django, and have the opportunity to make meaningful connections with friends and mentors who build software for a living.

It will take place on 25-26.08.2018 at Poznan University of Technology, Conference Centre and the Library, Piotrowo 2.


Saturday - Day One:

  • 9:30 - Registration starts
  • 10:00 - Welcoming participants, a short introductory presentation
  • 10:30 - The workshops start!
  • 12:00 - How machine learning is changing the world? - Sylwia Błach presentation
  • 12:15 - Coffee break
  • 12:30 - Back to the workshop
  • 14:30 - Lunch break
  • 15:00 - Short presentation from our sponsor Egnyte
  • 15:10 - Julia Anholcer success story presentation
  • 15:20 - Back to the workshop
  • 18:00 - Official ending of day 1
  • 20:00 - Afterparty!

Sunday - Day Two:

  • 10:00 - The workshops start!
  • 12:00 - Short presentations from our sponsors: Sii and Pearson IOKI
  • 12:15 - Coffee break
  • 12:30 - Back to the workshop
  • 14:30 - Lunch break
  • 15:00 - Back to the workshop
  • 16:00 - Official ending
  • 16:00 - 18:00 - more coding if you need :)

Do I need to know anything about websites or programming?

No! Workshops are for beginners. You don’t need to know anything about programming. However, if you have a little bit of technical knowledge (e.g. you know what HTML or CSS are) you still can apply!

Should I bring my own laptop?

Yes. We have no hardware, so we expect you to bring your computer with you. It is also important for us that you will take home everything you’ll create during the workshop.

Do I need to have something installed on my laptop?

It would be helpful to have Django and Python installed before workshops, but we don't expect you to install anything on your own. We will make sure that one of our coaches will help you out with this task.


We couldn't be here without the support from amazing people and organizations who donated money, knowledge and time to help us make this a reality. If you want to contribute and support our goal, please get in touch with us

Our awesome mentors

Artur Tamborski

Diana Wieczorek

Hubert Dworczyński

Jan Latour

Katarzyna Brzozowska

Maciej Król

Marek Leszczyński

Monika Filipkowska

Piotr Bajsarowicz

Rafał Mossakowski

Weronika Felczak

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