Order Django Girls Workshop Box for your event!

Get a golden envelope full of Django Girls stickers, gold letter balloons, stickers of our partners, and buttons.
Everything you need to make your workshop DjangoGirlsy! 🌸✨

How it works?

We purchased Django Girls goodies in bulk quantity, which massively lowered their price. It will save everyone time and money and you will be able to focus on more awesome things. The box can be sent to Django Girls workshops from all over the world: small goodies and swag won't drain your sponsor money anymore! YAY! ✨💰

We calculated that one event of 30 people would need to pay around £150 GBP for all of those things, and sometimes they're hard to get. We're able to buy and ship them all for around $50.

What's in the box?

The shiny beautiful envelope contains many awesome things:

  • Django Girls logo stickers
  • YAY! stickers
  • Pixel Heart stickers
  • Some stickers from our global partners
  • Gold letters DJANGOGIRLS balloons, 16 inches tall
  • Orange Django Girls logo buttons
  • Little surprise, sometimes, maybe? 😄

How much is it?

The price will depend of your workshop's size. For example:

  • £30 GBP for 30 people
  • £40 GBP for 50 people
  • £65 GBP for 100 people

You will also need to add shipping costs. 📮

If your event is happening in a developing country or if you tried but can't find sponsors, you'll be able to apply for a free box (you'll need to pay for shipping).

How to get one?

Yay, that's great that you want to order one! To do that, go to our store. We strongly recommend you to buy it at least 6 weeks before your event: if you don't do it, we can't guarantee that your box will be delivered on time for your event.

Requirements to apply for a free box:

  • Your event must happen in a developing country or you tried but can't find any sponsor.
  • You need to have a venue for your workshop
  • Application process for your event needs to be open
  • You need to order it at least 6 weeks before workshop to allow for shipping time

If you check all those requirements, send us an email describing your situation: we will review your application and contact you soon. 💕