There are many ways to contribute to Django Girls: you can organize an event, coach, work on the tutorial and help on Gitter. If you'd rather help us financially, you can always support us on Patreon or PayPal Giving Funds.

Support us!

Django Girls is a Registered Charity and is volunteer run. If you're an individual or a company and want to support us, you can make a monthly donation. You can send one-time donations to our PayPal account or donate via credit card.

If you want to help an event in particular, you can contact the local organization team to sponsor them.


Each Django Girls event is a free, one-day workshop for 30-60 people on HTML, CSS, Python and Django. A typical workshop takes 8 hours and people work in small, 3-person groups with a coach dedicated to each group.

Want to get started? Check our Organizer's Manual and bring Django Girls to your city!


Have you heard about an event happening in your city and you want to help? Contact the local organizing team and ask if they need more coaches!

You will be helping a group of 3 people to install what they need for the event and guide them through our tutorial.

Don't forget to check our Coaching Manual!

Work on the website!

There is always something to do to make our website better. You can report (or fix!) bugs and typos, or work on new features.

We are waiting for your pull requests!

Fix the tutorial!

Is something in the tutorial not clear, or is there a typo? You can improve the tutorial by making a pull request to our GitHub repository.

You just finished our tutorial and want to help? Making pull requests to fix typo is a great way to use your new Git skills!

Translate the tutorial!

Our tutorial has already been translated into 19 languages, but we always need helping maintaining those translations. Or you can help us translating the tutorial into a new language!

If you want to join an existing translation team or launch a new translation, contact us.

Help on Gitter!

Many people are doing our tutorial outside of a workshop. Sometimes, they get stuck and need help. How about spending a few hours a week helping them?

This Gitter room is designed to be a friendly space, especially for beginners. Remember that our Code of Conduct also applies there.

Want to do more?

Want to help out in a way that isn't listed here? You can look at our Trello board and propose new projects to work on.

Don't forget to read the rules described in the first column before adding a new card! ❤