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A: You want to attend a workshop happening in your city? So cool! You can register on the event's website. If there is no website, it means that registrations are not opened yet. Come back in a few days to check or send an email to the local organizers of the workshop you want to attend.

A: Sadly, you won't be able to apply: events receive many applications and already have a waiting list in case an attendee has to cancel. You can subscribe to our newsletter to know where the next events are planed.

A: You rock! Just send an email to the local organizers of the workshop!

A: Sadly, Django Girls Support Team won't be able to help you: our work is to help other organizers plan their workshop. If you need assistance while doing the tutorial, go to Django Girls Gitter room: a group of volunteers is waiting for you there and will be happy to answer all your questions ;)

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