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This year (2018) we ran a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo's generosity website from the 29th January to the 29th of March with the aim of raising US $10,000. We are truly grateful to all our awesome supporters who helped reach our target goal. We managed to raise a total of $13,314 - 133% of our goal!

Our awesome supporters ✨

WSP Digital

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Carol Willing

David Beazley

Meri Williams


Phillip Oldham

Samantha McGahan

Frederic Tschannen

Jannis Leidel

Trey Hunner

Eleanor Stribling

Seek mentorship. A mentor will help you grow faster than you can imagine. - Ana Balica

Charlotte Mays



Eduardo Cuducos

Russell Keith-Magee

Alexandra Noronha


Baptiste Mispelon


Rachell Calhoun

Danielle Topping


RIGUET Sébastien

Lisa Rakic

Michael Blatherwick

I love the fact that coding makes me work independently, exposes me to challenges and gives me a chance to keenly think about how to achieve the set objective. - Irene Nandutu

Andrew Tork Baker

Paul Grau

Jose Padilla

Kiran Booth-Patel

Dan Rundle


Robert Roskam

Dane Hillard


Betsy Alpert

Aymeric Augustin

Luke Higgott

Tom Mortimer-Jones

Chip Warden

Raphael Pierzina

Django Girls Lagos brought about the creation of a Nigerian Python community that didn’t exist before. It brought together a lot of great minds who are passionate about promoting the use of Python in Nigeria. - Aisha Bello

Simon Willison


Rebecca M Long

Mudranik Technologies Pvt Ltd

Julie Nelson


Lisa Ballard

Sylvain Fankhauser

Jonathan Moss


Heather Markell


Juliano Binder

Eric Palakovich Carr

Brad Wright

Django Girls KC 2016 was really a turning point for me. It gave me the skills and confidence to learn as much as I could about programming. I accepted a volunteer position as Curriculum Director for Coding & Cupcakes. I have also become an organizer for the python user group PythonKC. My favourite accomplishment was returning to Django Girls KC in 2017 as a mentor! - Muriel Green

Łukasz Wójcik


Ola Sendecka

Joachim Jablon

Oliver Andrich

Daniel Moisset

Aisha Bello

Alexandra Noronha

89grad GmbH

Felicitas Kugland

Mark Phillips


Adrien Brunet

Don Arnold

D R Jones

Don’t get scared, get started. Almost everything is doable by anyone. Most of the things are easy to learn. So start doing what you like. There are lot of things on the web to help you out. Just be truthful to yourself. - Tapasweni Pathak

Kelsey Leftwich

Josh Berekus


Michael Herman

David Barragán Merino

Patrick Arminio

Katherine Allen

Nathalie Steinmetz

Maartje Eyskens

Joanna Tustanowska


Julien Poissonnier

Kathy Cuevas

Michelle Garrett

Michelle Carroll

It became clearer to me how many women have interest in the tech field and how they feel unable or di-stimulated to go after this interest because of the predominance of men in the area. I believe this kind of work, like the one done by Django Girls, is super important to empower women and, little by little, change the world. I have loved taking part of something so amazing. - Olga Pinheiro Garcia

Camille Fabreguettes

Bojan Mihelac

Peter Kropf

Katja Durrani

Nicole Beisiegel

Paul McLanahan

Daniël Franke


Ed Rivas


Benjamin Rousch


Rebecca Speirs

Alison Spittel


I am proud of having changed my career and becoming a developer. - Päivi Suomela

Clizia Di Biase

Mizue Kurokawa

Andrew Tork Baker

jeremy price

Vitor Freitas

Jack Reid

Marc-Anthony Taylor

Natasha Queen

Michael Trythall

Sibylle Sehl

Selin Prasad

George London

James Gill

Ayany Alvarado Graveran


You don’t have know everything, you just have to be open to learning anything. - Heather Bryant

Stefan Foulis

Shabda Raaj